• Sugar leaves a Bitter Taste in the Heart

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    Heart and sugar should not be separated, you always used them on your idiomatic expressions. The poems you made for someone, sweet and spice and everything nice. How are we going to judge sugar towards its contributory traits to heart diseases? Research have been made, other have concluded and reports and being uncovered about its negative results when it is link to heart, thou sugar are the most common to blame when it comes to gaining weight or diabetes. Moreover, sugar has never ran out of things to missed up with, on a recent studies made by the researchers; adding the heart on its lists to be at risks if a person is associated with it (sugar).

    There had been research made that sugar is not the main contributor of weight issues (maybe a little) this is according to a researcher.

    “However our latest study did find significant effects of sugars on lipids and blood pressure among these types of energy-controlled studies. This suggests that our bodies handle sugar differently to other types of carbohydrates,” Dr Te Morenga said.

    “Our analysis confirmed that sugars contribute to cardiovascular risk, independent of the effect of sugars on body weight,” says Dr Te Morenga.

    “Although the effects of sugars on blood pressure and lipids are relatively modest, our findings support public health recommendations to reduce added sugar in our diets as one of the measures which might be expected to reduce the global burden of cardiovascular diseases.”

    “Any special metabolic effect of sugars making people more likely to gain weight on high-sugar diets compared with low sugar diets when the total amount of carbohydrates and energy remains the same.”

    Thou studies are being done on a delicate manner, researchers, doesn’t always agree on one thing, for some reason the employ healthy arguments to express their individual understanding about this subject, however majority of them took a common nod believing, through a detailed research that sugar is indeed a threat to a healthy heart, that the used of it (excessively) would result to a heart disease.

    High sugar intake may double the risk of dying from heart diseases that is according to a research. Now, this shows that high levels of the sweetness mixed in to any food and beverages would likely lead to a heart illnesses.

    Studies are now pointing out to sugar as likely to cause death regarding heart problems. Experts had invest more on studying cholesterol for years and was thought that sugar is harmless except for those who have diabetes. They do not just bring calories after all.

    The products that ranked high on sugar content are: sodas, juices, energy drinks, and coffees. The average teenager consumes 34 teaspoons of sugar a day. What’s more alarming is –they get this amount of sugar intake through their daily diet, it means; these unhealthy foods are pretty much in every corner.

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