• Measles Vaccines Can no Longer Serve its Purpose

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    immunisationinjection-600x420It is certain that Measles causes death, in fact, in 2008, there are approximately 164,000 people that have died of measles around the world. But nevertheless, measles does not often resulted to fatality in the United States. This is maybe because most people who lives here have undergone immunization otherwise –people will most likely have complications and weak immune system once measles occurs. This is what some of the researcher said about unvaccinated person.
    Those who have had measles in the past is believed to be immune for the rest of his/her life. Babies who have received two doses of vaccine after their first birthday have a 98% likelihood of being immune. Infants that receive immunity from their mother will not have a complete protection. We have been told about the safety of these vaccines, how it can prevent and cure measles and all. But we haven’t been told about their side effects, in fact these vaccines have not undergone a thorough study concerning how these vaccines would work inside the body. We are actually left in the dark not knowing the detailed information about the vaccine.

    Leading Vaccine Researcher and Mandatory Vaccination Proponent: Measles Vaccine Can't Prevent Outbreaks
    In the medical journal Vaccine,2 Dr. Gregory Poland, the journal's editor-in-chief, professor of medicine and founder and leader of Mayo Clinic's Vaccine Research Group, recently made surprising public statements about the poor effectiveness of measles vaccine in the MMR shot.
    For many years, Dr. Poland has been a strong mandatory vaccination proponent and has criticized MMR vaccine safety critics but now he is taking the lead in publicly criticizing the vaccine's failure to prevent measles.
    Public health agencies have been reporting measles outbreaks in the US for the past few years, which they often blame on unvaccinated individuals, despite the fact that in 2012, 95 percent of children entering kindergarten had gotten two MMR shots and so had more than 90 percent of high school students.
    With this high degree of compliance with a supposedly effective measles vaccine, many people have been …

    If these measles vaccines are no longer effective and are not curing the virus, i think we should look for an alternative ways to prevent the illness. These medicines post a threat to people who have had under gone the vaccinations, this is an indication that we can no longer rely on vaccines now a days.

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