• Amendments of US Vaccine Policy is Needed

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    HPF-feat-Hotez_VaccineDiploThe government needs to address the cry out of the minority regarding vaccine policy, few of our people are disturb about how these medicines are being force to them without telling them the whole component and detailed information concerning their side effects, what they are complaining about is their right to choose and manage their own health care program, by this I meant the freedom to choose their own treatment. The government’s initiative or mandate to have everybody vaccinated with the type of vaccines they approved.
    People are worried about medicine products that are associated with the government, it is because Key-players like huge pharma can somehow get around politicians and their policy. This will somewhat give us the idea that the vaccines that are used to the people lack integrity in terms of transparency and honesty. Money can do a lot of thing, key-players are willing to give them as much as the amount needed to get their products used in a larger scale. A lot of us worried too much mainly because the bureaucracy that we thought is supposed to protect the people especially the minority is now bullying them and discriminates them because of their refusal to use those government approved products that carries unpredictable effect on human body.

    Informed Consent to Medical Risk-Taking: A Human Right
    The freedom to make voluntary decisions about what you are willing to risk your life or the life of your child for is a human and civil right.
    It is a human right to exercise voluntary, informed consent to medical risk taking,4, 5, 6 including taking risks with pharmaceutical products like vaccines. In America, parents of minor children have the legal right and responsibility to make medical risk decisions for their children.7, 8, 9
    Freedom of Thought, Speech, and Belief: A Civil Right
    Under the US Constitution, Americans are guaranteed the civil right to exercise freedom of thought, speech, and belief.10, 11, 12 The right to dissent and petition the government for redress of grievances and hold beliefs that may differ from ones held by the majority is protected because our nation’s founders understood that minorities must be protected from oppression by the majority.13
    Targeted, Bullied, Shunned, …

    Vaccines are made to protect us from future diseases, they are of great help to us. However, people have the right to know how this medicines work, what they are made of, and their side effects. Sadly, FDA is so lax about having them check in a thorough manner, it’s because there had been cases that can prove FDA’s lapses on toxic chemicals present in products.

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