• Grandmother Gets Mistaken for Husband’s Granddaughter

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    We have discovered that one reason why adults do not have young looking skin, is they have lost an energy of youth that allows young children to self-revitalize water, and adults cannot. Once in a while, I still get carded when I try to buy certain well-guarded cold medicines, so I was taken aback in recent months when two different strangers asked, “Is that your grandson?” I was most surprised by the instant assumption, without an awkward pause or hesitation, as if grandmother was the only option. I was 38 when Jason was born — not exactly a young mother, but nowhere near the age I imagine a grandmother to be.

    Would you have guessed that the woman pictured here is now 71? She is Annette Larkins from Miami-Dade county, Florida. When she goes out with her husband of 55 years, she gets mistaken for his granddaughter!

    It is not mere agelessness that she desires. She has a message about health that she feels must finally share with the world. For around 27 years now, she has practiced raw-veganism, but she takes it even one step further – by growing her own fresh foods for juicing and eating.

    He has gone through an aging process that many of consider the norm and requires prescription drugs for his health problems. Actually, he looks younger than 80 himself and too many people don't make it to age 80.

    Her initial veganism eventually morphed into raw food and then growing. She collects rain water for gardening and filters for drinking. She calls her garden her fountain of …

    Two weeks after the first time she wasn't carded, the bigger shock came in a restaurant: “The woman behind me looked at me and said, ‘What a cute baby! Is she your grandbaby?' I was speechless for 30 seconds until I realized my mouth was hanging open. Then I just closed it and said, ‘No, she's my daughter.' … My mother said, ‘Girls are having babies at 15, so if you have a baby at 15, and your child has a baby at 15 or 16, at 30 you're a grandmother.' I like to think I'm not old enough to be a grandmother, but since my oldest is 21, it is possible.” My over-40-new-mom status might have come as a surprise to observers previously, but regional customs might explain why no one had blurted out the grandmother question before I moved to Atlanta. Until recently, I lived in Los Angeles.

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