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    Nature has its way of life, and every process takes time and effort. But what can modern technology do to enhance the fast paced and multi-tasking way of life of our time.

    Robotic insects have made their first controlled flight.
    In addition to the recent suggestion from insecticide producers that we should “plant more flowers” to aid the declining bee population; University's Department of Biology to develop robot bees. These insectoid automatons would be capable of a multitude of tasks: autonomous pollination, search and rescue, hazardous exploration, military surveillance, climate mapping, and traffic monitoring – to name a few.

    Is there any way we can replace the natural process of nature? When we look around and see the slowly deterioration of nature’s way. Eventually we see the potential as these robot bees begin fully populating the green environment. Although we have to be cautious of these developments, on how far will it go and help farmers, planters, and plant fields. There must be some on hand measures to consider in accomplishing tasks faster and more effective for the good of our agriculture economy.

    The robots are created through an incredible micro-engineering process specifically designed for mass production. Each “Bee” is designed with its own electronic nervous system and power source, and able to target tasks with a microscopic Ultra Violet targeting sensor.

    What are the possible benefits?
    … farmers would no longer have to rely on bees to pollinate their crops. Patented worker drones could be purchased or rented and rolled into the field each spring. Pollination would be quick and efficient, no worries about colony collapse or sterile crops.

    . . . the robobees could be programmed specifically to your own crop. Imagine not having to worry about your little pollinators getting lost in your neighbor's field. Simply have them programmed to respond only to specific genetic markers found only in your fields. Of course, that would require that your crop have a patented genetic marker to be programmed . . . Patented bees pollinating only approved patented crops.

    Besides the overwhelming development of help for a more modern aid in agriculture, we should expect amazing projects of the Robo Bee and could be used in other areas such as the military, and the Air Force showing the different uses according to the need such as in surveillance, but also in inflicting harm-assassinations.

    Greater control comes greater responsibilities. Such an amazing project with a very useful, potential to maximize development in agriculture, and an aid to the deteriorating process of nature. Let us never forget the role we play, human creation has creatively design the Robo Bee, but God’s wonderful creation had been abusely used that we need to resort in creating assistance to it. We have missed our role of being good stewards of our environment. Next time we see a bee don’t snap it off, a real one or a Robo Bee!

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