• Stress Drags You Down to a More stressful Health Condition

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    UnemploymentTo experience stress is to experience how it is to live in a real world, the truth is everything around us could potentially be the source of disappointments, anger, madness, and a lot more stressful feelings. Your relationship with your family, co-worker, friends and even your own personal issues could also contribute and have their part in the whole make up of “Stress” inside your body. Stress comes in a different form; we have several of them that we should look out for, mentally, physically, emotionally or even spiritually stress. We understand that our body has limits, they become exhausted and worn-out when they reach their limits.
    Recent study shows, that stress undermines the ability of the body to stay in good shape. It influences our mood and drags us into the pit of sickness. This could mean that when a person is stress, his/her body will concede to the type of mood that stress had created. Stressful people also have an appetite that they need to fill in. normally these people will take comfort food to relieve stress, this is somewhat ok in the in the concept of comfort, however, comfort foods are just another name for junk foods, they are downright unhealthy and so people who finds comfort on them will create a stress problem, they will be stressfully stressful affecting their health in a negative way.

    For the study, published online in the journal Psychoneuroendocrinology, researchers from the University of California at San Francisco (UCSF) spent a year studying a group of 61 healthy women; 33 were chronically stressed women caring for a spouse or parent with dementia, and 28 were women with low stress.
    The women also reported their consumption of high sugar, high fat foods.
    “Chronic stress can play an important role in influencing biology, and it’s critical to understand the exact pathways through which it works.” said Kirstin Aschbacher, PhD, an assistant professor in the UCSF Department of Psychiatry and lead author.
    When a calorie isn’t just a calorie
    “Many people think a calorie is a calorie, but this study suggests that two women who eat the same thing could have different metabolic responses based on their level of stress. There appears to be a stress pathway that works through diet – for example, it could be …

    Stress is not entirely described to be a direct result of physical, emotional, and mental exhaustion. Sometimes it is the result of your unhealthy lifestyle. You have to find your way around the hustles and struggles in life and discipline yourself in ways that would bring you in control of the things that is taking place in your life.

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