• Worst Weight-Loss Advice We’ve Ever Heard

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    There's a world of weight-loss advice out there, and it's hard to know what to trust. Here, we've collected six pieces of weight-loss advice you don't want to follow, with tips on what to do instead.

    We admit that in times of desperation, we too have gone looking for a quick-fix diet, but these six ill-advised tips are certifiably crazy. Avoid at all costs!

    Eat only fruit before noon

    “This one of the worst dieting tips I've ever heard, because it actually sounds like a healthy thing to do,” says registered dietitian and NutritionBabes cofounder Lauren Harris-Pincus. This gem originated from Fit for Life, a popular ’80s diet book that claimed taking in only fruit or fruit juice in the morning would positively affect calorie burn. Not so, explains Harris-Pincus. “Balancing meals and snacks with protein, carbohydrates, fat, and fiber will help delay a rise in blood sugar and prevent spikes and crashes while giving you a sustained source of energy. Eating only fruit, however, causes quick digestion and absorption of sugars, meaning hunger will return very quickly. The whole idea of not combining nutrients is ridiculous based on what science …



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