• More Protein, Less Risk of Stroke

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    fish-400x266Protein is one of the essential elements found in your body, they pretty much occupy every corner inside of your body, they can be found on your skin, bones, hair and muscles. They are mainly used for the process of building your muscles. A person who lacks protein in their body will likely have a slow growth and a weak immune system. Protein is so significant for the formation of red blood cells, it strengthens the function of antibodies that would drive out infection, and it will also regulate the enzymes and hormones to repair the body tissue that had been damage.
    Recent study shows that higher intake of a dietary protein is associated with a lower risk of stroke, this particular study seem legit and was back up with a lot of experiments. This ongoing study of protein is making a headlines because of its effectiveness. Many of our folks are already having a protein diet and have reported to be working well. Proteins are not hard to find, they are present on animal meat, but the most recommended source of protein are the protein found on fish meat.

    “The amount of protein that led to the reduced risk was moderate—equal to 20 grams per day,” said study author Xinfeng Liu, MD, PhD, of Nanjing University School of Medicine in Nanjing, China. “Additional, larger studies are needed before definitive recommendations can be made, but the evidence is compelling.”
    The meta-analysis looked at all of the available research on the relationship between protein in the diet and the risk of stroke. Seven studies with a total of 254,489 participants who were followed for an average of 14 years were included in the analysis.
    Overall, the participants with the highest amount of protein in their diets were 20 percent less likely to develop a stroke than those with the lowest amount of protein in their diets. The results accounted for other factors that could affect the risk of stroke, such as smoking and high cholesterol. For every additional 20 grams per day of …

    An unhealthy person is likely to experience stroke, it so important to prevent them from happening. You have to make sure that you do want you need to do to stay fit. Proper diet and regular exercise.

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