• Selling Homemade Cupcakes: sweetly illegal -not anymore!

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    KidEntrepreneur-300x200Kids now a days are evolving in a great way, it’s surreal to see them gaining such knowledge they get from modern learning methods and available technology. The Dissemination of information is a bit hasty these days and so visual. As a result learning has become easier and a lot faster, not limiting everybody, regardless of age, gender and race. This is the era where kids’ playgrounds are no longer made for playing, but they are made for training, in preparation of the real life on a real world, it is true that business is a serious matter and not a child play, but modern culture is implying that business is no longer exclusive to the grown-ups, kids are now sprouting not to play, but to make a living! And they meant business this time!

    A 12 year old Chloe Stirling is one of the perfect face to represent her generation of young entrepreneur. She is selling homemade cupcakes because she wants to save-up money to buy a car! Remember this is a 12 year old kid, talking about big things, she should’ve been talking Barbie dolls and PlayStation but instead she is doing what a grown-up individual is doing. She later then came across with problems with the government, the government declare her business to be illegal and shut her down but a dramatic turnaround has happened;
    After Chloe was featured in the news, the health department shut down her “operation.” Why? Because she didn't have a business license or a state-certified commercial kitchen. She didn't have a required permit, which meant she violated a county food ordinance and the Illinois State Food Sanitation Code. That's just how home bakers are looked at in the …

    This is a great example of how the kids of this generation have evolved in the greatest way we could imagine. Young inventors are also coming out of the surface, trying to show off their contributions in the world, the thing about kids is that, when they do something they love, they are so into it! That is why they succeed.
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