• Vegetable Garden: 5 Natural Fertilizers

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    When learning techniques on how to maintain my garden, one thing I knew I needed to learn about was fertilizer. Fertilizers help keep your garden soil nutrient-rich and balanced for optimal plant growth. Seems easy enough to head over to the hardware store and just buy some, right? Sure, if you want to shell out a ton of money.The whole reason I started my garden was to save money by growing my own produce. Between pots and soil, I had already spent $70 dollars. With fertilizers running anywhere from $10 to $30 and up, keeping my soil nutrient-rich for the entire spring, summer, and fall would probably drive up the total cost of my garden significantly. Plus some of those fertilizers, especially the cheaper ones, contained chemicals I couldn't pronounce.

    Growing a home garden is a great way to stay away from harmful pesticides and chemicals that are poison to your body. You have complete control over what goes into your food, and you don’t have to frantically scan a list of ingredients before picking them.

    The last thing you need is a ride to the hospital because your produce tried to kill you at the dinner table. Always stick to the natural route.

    Finding fertilizers for your plants can be a real “pain in the grass.” There are a number of toxic brands that use the waste from GMO-fed cows, and other unnatural products that are harmful to living organisms. These are chemicals that you want to avoid at all costs, so why not try something a little less dangerous?

    Turns out you can use a number of perfectly good bits of your own trash to fertilize your garden.

    Here are 5 healthy …

    Even if you don’t have direct access to one of these natural fertilizers, you will probably know someone who is either a coffee nut or obsessed with mowing their lawn. The best part about all of these fertilizers is that they don’t cost anything or even if they do it’s a few dollars. Researching natural fertilizers helped save me a ton of money on my garden this year and have kept my plants going strong this summer without artificial chemicals.

    Consider using these household natural garden fertilizers and feel good about the fact that you are doing things naturally and saving money in the process.

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