• When The Taps Run Dry: Hardcore Water Conservation

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    Did you know that about 25% of the continental United States is in extreme drought conditions right now? Yikes. California, Texas, and other southwest states have it the worst, but in the past decade, drought conditions have meant water rationing in some states and higher food prices everywhere. That's not all. The '10s saw a long drought in Australia that led to deadly fires, and parts of central Europe are below normal rainfall levels right now. Climate change brings weather extremes, throwing once-regular rain patterns out of whack. Even if your hometown is currently nice and wet, it might not be in the future. And besides, saving money on your water bill isn't a bad thing. So try some of these hardcore hacks to save water.

    At this point drought conditions are devastating crops and even causing shortages of drinking water in California. Texas has also recently experienced a crippling drought that killed tens of thousands of cattle who had no access to drinking water. There are things other than drought that can cause a massive and rapid reduction in the amount of water we have available to us.

    Water will be a major problem post-collapse, we all know this, and we store water accordingly but we can never, ever have enough stored water to keep us going indefinitely. We are going to have to become very savvy about how we use what we have whilst still trying to maintain enough to drink, to maintain basic bodily hygiene and to prevent major contamination in our homes.

    This is going to be a major challenge, possibly the biggest challenge we will face in a collapse situation and anything we …

    Some will say “gross!” but, just put the lid down, and nobody will see or smell the pee (it's the poop that smells). Toilet flushing uses the most water in all U.S. household activities at 26.7%, according to a recent study, so reduce the number of flushes and you'll make a big impact. While newer houses have low-flow toilets or toilets with separate flushes for liquids and solids, that's not as common in the U.S. as in other parts of the world. So go with this old hippie adage. And I don't need to remind ya not to flush anything but pee, poop, and TP down the hole, right? It's not a trashcan.

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