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    B5 supplement reduces CholesterolMany of us especial those who reaches middle age have wandered around trying different methods, medicines, exercises and diet to fight the rise of cholesterol in their body. Well, that is a very ideal thing to do, but we should emphasize the importance of finding the right diet, exercises and program that suits us, though there’s a lot of medicines out there known to have reduced cholesterol but there is no guarantee that it will work on you with same effects to others whose using it. The thing is we have different cholesterol levels in our body, for this reason –we subscribe to the program that suits us depending on our condition, this is why I strongly suggest that one should have a regular meeting with a doctor and have your cholesterol check from time to time. By this, you will be able to know your condition and your nutritionist would suggests a suitable diet for you.

    More and more medicines are being introduced in the market, and some of them for a good reason they are serving their purpose right, but others may not be of that help. Well, the reason of this article is to actually help the readers understand new studies regarding fighting cholesterol, recent studies shows that B5 supplements can actually help reduce cholesterol in our body, Vitamin B5 is a vitamin known to as pantothenic acid. They are actually present in almost all naturally foods, vitamin B5 are now processed and are readily available in supplementary tablets and capsules. Experts claim that ingesting vitamin B5 supplements in our system would give us variety of health benefits.

    Reducing ‘bad’ cholesterol

    For this study Rumberger and colleagues gave 120 people a daily pantethine supplement over a 4 month period (600 mg/day from weeks 1 to 8 and 900 mg/day from weeks 9 to 16). Participants also followed a healthy diet. Those taking the supplement experienced an 11% reduction in “bad” LDL cholesterol while those in the control group, who also followed a heart-healthy diet, experienced a 3% increase.

    The effect in this study is milder than with statins but earlier studies have shown a larger effect. Many of these studies took place in the 1980s and 1990s, however a renewed interest in alternatives has grown as the problems with statins and other cholesterol lowering medications have emerged.

    A next useful step in the research would be to test pantethine against statins.

    In Japan pantethine is sold as a cholesterol lowering medicine. Elsewhere in the world it is available as a supplement without …

    Vitamin B5 is labeled as one of the natural remedy/cure for a number of health conditions. Scientific evidence also support the claims that vitamin B5 can prevent and reverse hair loss and helps us loss weight. Such overwhelming studies present the consumer a wider options and alternatives on how they could reduce bad cholesterol in their body.

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