• To See or Not to See

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    To see, or not to see is the question, to allude to Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Of course, one would prefer sight—clear vision—no matter how many beautiful things can be seen only by the heart. Besides, as the adage says “the eyes are the windows to the soul,” and perhaps, one needs to see clearly or peek through clear windows. Moreover, it is clearly sheer courage for those who walk without vision, as they are literally not able to gaze at the beauty of the world.

    The inevitability of eye degeneration is there, however, as we age. This would mean that we should take care of our gift of sight in the event that when we grow older, our eyesight would not be as “damaged”. With this in mind, our parents had us oriented that carrots with its benefits for clear eyesight is a must—“you must eat carrots!”—the sole cry for this very important mission.

    Though carrots are indeed helpful for eye protection due to its beta-carotene, findings in research as published in the Archives of Opthalmology found a stronger ally for age-old carrots. Apricots, yes, apricots, are known to lower risks by 36% of age-related muscular degeneration (ARMD) which is the leading cause of vision loss in adults, that is, for those who eat 3 or more servings of the fruit per day in comparison with persons who eat less than 1.5 servings of the fruit. Mainly, it is due to its antioxidant Vitamin A content. This prevents oxidative stress which may lead to cataracts and eventually, macular degeneration.

    This means good news—we do not only have carrots to strengthen our vision. This is most advantageous to those who do not find carrots that palatable. Well, we actually now have another “superhero fruit” alternative to help us in our pursuit for wonderful eyesight.

    Isn’t that neat? Now go grab those apricots and let’s have an apricot party!

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