• Healthy Drinks That Aren’t Boring

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    Drinking enough liquids can prevent dehydration, a condition that can lead to severe health problems, and even death, if it's not remedied. Water is the best remedy, but if you get tired of drinking plain water all day long you have several other options that taste good and are still healthy. Mix and match you're favorites throughout the day for an easy way to get your quota. Just remember to limit sugary and high-calorie drinks, such as soda, because they aren't healthy drinks and might even lead to weight gain and other health problems.

    In a recent study from the University of Glasgow, researchers found that some juices may be just as bad for your health as drinking sugary sodas. How come? Most juice has added sugar, the researchers say, which means the average glass is less healthy than you think, and can also heighten your risk for obesity and heart disease.

    “In addition to the issue of added sugar, when you drink your calories, you don’t typically compensate by eating less somewhere else,” says Dawn Jackson Blatner, RDN. “Liquid calories are just added to what we are already eating.” And while “light” juices might boast fewer calories, they also contain more artificial sweeteners to boost taste, Blatner says.

    Of course, real fruit juice contains important vitamins and minerals—but that nutrition doesn't count as much when there are added sugars in the mix. Blatner's recommendation: “If it isn't 100 percent juice, it's best avoided—just like soda.”

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