• Know How To Say No To An Unnecessary Root Canal Procedure

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    To give you an honest evaluation of the root canal procedure, it's effectiveness, and its level of saftey. And most importantly, you want to know if you can avoid a root canal, I will give you some pointers on whether you really need this procedure.

    By Dr. Lina Garcia

    One of the fundamental understandings that supports holistic, biological dentistry is that the dental procedures and materials used in them can affect your whole body, not just your teeth.

    In the case of a root canal procedure, it can lead to a number of chronic health problems and even degenerative diseases. Unfortunately, it is very rare for someone in need of dental care to be aware of this.

    Although you may be surprised to read this view of root canals, any time the procedure is done there is a real possibility it can endanger your overall health because of the infection and toxicity that can develop in your tooth after the root canal is performed.

    The connection between a root canal treated tooth and disease in another area of your body is one the majority of health-care practitioners and their patients are simply unaware of.

    The lack of awareness of …

    Root canals are natural chambers in the roots of your teeth that are filled with connective tissue, blood vessels and nerves called the pulp. A root canal procedure is the complete removal of the internal structures within the tooth, which includes, nerve tissue, blood vessels, and different types of cells.


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