• Teens Who Text About Condoms More Likely To Use Them

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    The purpose of using condoms is two fold: to prevent pregnancy and reduce the chances that a sexually transmitted disease will be given to a partner. Condoms are sheaths (barrier protection) that are worn on the male penis during sexual intercourse and can be made of latex, plastic or natural skin. Condoms have numerous benefits–they're easily accessible at any drugstore or pharmacy, inexpensive and safe, convenient and easy to use. There are few negative side effects of condoms. Is it better to talk about it to be safe or is it triggering sexual drive and defeat it's moral purpose?

    (Reuters Health) – High school students who discussed condoms or another form of birth control via text or other technology were almost four times as likely to use condoms when they had sex, a new study shows.

    “Not all technology use is necessarily harmful,” the study's lead author, Laura Widman, told Reuters Health.

    “Although prior research and media attention has focused on the risks of technology use – like sexting, we found that adolescents might also use electronic tools to communicate about ways they might promote their sexual health,” she said.

    Widman studies adolescent sexuality at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

    “It's not all about risky behavior. It might be another way that teens can have these conversations that can be a little bit awkward,” she said.

    Widman and her colleagues studied 176 U.S. high school juniors and seniors. Of the 64 who reported being sexually active, more than half admitted failing to consistently …



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