• Exercise can boosts good Bacteria in your Body

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    exerciseWe go over our lives and conceded to the demands of our responsibility, like go to work, get the kids ready for school, cook for dinner, spend time with family, help your kids do their homework, wash the dishes and the list could go on and on and seemed to have no end. These are the things that would definitely worn you out. This scenario is true to most of us, this is happening on a daily basis, we no longer have time for our self, and we stress out so much without realizing that we are putting our self in a position vulnerable to disease and all sorts of illness that could result even to death.
    The truth is, being busy is not an excuse not to take care of yourself, in fact, there are people and lots of them can still manage to insert exercise on their daily routine. Exercise is equality important to your work, you go to work to make ends meet but you also need to exercise to keep you healthy so that you can work. The tendency is –if you don’t exercise, you become a subject for unhealthy lifestyle. These means that the stress you have accumulated from working so hard would only complement your unhealthy body and would lead you to a definite sickness and sometimes sudden death. This article does not focus much on how you could tag exercise on your busy schedules, but it’s more on what you can get if you exercise. Recent study shows that a constant exercise can actual increase gut bacteria in your body.

    This particular study published in journal Gut – albeit a small one – if true, should be all the more proof that movement is a part of diet and not just a separate entity for the body.
    Research is finally lending its collective credibility to gut microbiota, immunity and the gut-brain connection. You could have asked farmers half a century ago for another reason they liked antibiotics – it somehow fattened their animals. Yet it is only now that conventional research is drawing a connection between antibiotic use and human obesity problems. And probiotics and good health.
    Most people think of taking probiotics through supplements or fermented foods and drinks. Exercise is now a good way to boost healthy gut bacteria. Diet did play a role in the following study.
    Researchers studied fecal and blood samples of 40 professional rugby players, chosen for their extreme diets and exercise as a comparison. Those were …

    A balance life doesn’t only mean a balance diet, eating the right food is one factor but it doesn’t complete the whole picture. It also has something to do with exercise, your body needs it to keep it in good shape. It will benefit you and help you go on living a healthy lifestyle.

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