• Organic Is Too Expensive?

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    Organic is indeed a way to live a healthier well being. In general, organic food costs more than conventional food because of the laborious and time-intensive systems used by the typically smaller organic farms.

    Organic can be a hard sell, especially if you shop principally with your eyes and wallet. Is handing over your hard-earned cash for knobbly produce and smaller cuts of meat enticing? No. But these imperfections represent the USP of the organic system, an up-yours to high-input agribusiness using lashings of pesticides that help to provide buff non-organic fruit and veg (subject to ridiculous cosmetic grading) and clown-sized chops. Organic is really defined by what it doesn't contain and what hasn't been routinely sprayed on it – it attracts a price premium through the absence of pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics, et al.

    In the UK 95% of a product's ingredients must come from organically produced plants and animals to be certified by a registered body. Organic hasn't been able to prove it is nutritionally superior (a 2009 Food Standards Agency report pooh-poohed this idea) and has even had its ecological worth questioned: researchers at Oxford university concluded …



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