• Agricultural Pesticides Linked to Autism

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    82071a8801833eebca00bfe545fdd07eIt is perceived that pregnant women who reside near fields sprayed with pesticides are expose to a much higher degree of risk of having an autistic child, American researchers administered a study which they would examine whether living in close in the area where common of agricultural pesticides were used while pregnant women are associated with a higher risk of the mother’s child having autism disorder. The magnitude of such result and the assessment of evidence would suggest that mothers’ exposure to these pesticides during pregnancy stage may contribute the development of autism spectrum disorders.
    It is believed that one in every 68 American children has been identified with an autism spectrum disorder it is characterized by difficulties with social interactions, this is according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. According to the research, in 2006 there are More than 3,000 new cases of autism were listed in the state of California, compared to a minimal number 205 cases back in 1990. Ever since then the numbers have continued to soar. Scientists are now puzzled by this mystery –the challenge is to find out what could be the reason or what has changed in the environment since the early 1990s that could link to this sharp rise in the brain disorder particularly Autism.

    Validating earlier research
    “This study validates the results of earlier research that has reported associations between having a child with autism and prenatal exposure to agricultural chemicals in California,” said lead study author Janie F. Shelton, a UC Davis graduate student who now consults with the United Nations.
    “While we still must investigate whether certain sub-groups are more vulnerable to exposures to these compounds than others, the message is very clear: Women who are pregnant should take special care to avoid contact with agricultural chemicals whenever possible.”
    California is the top agricultural producing state in the nation, grossing $38 billion in revenue from farm crops in 2010. Statewide, approximately 200 million pounds of active pesticides are applied each year, most of it in the Central Valley, north to the Sacramento Valley and south to the Imperial Valley on the California-Mexico border. #
    While pesticides are critical for the modern agriculture industry, certain commonly used …

    Truly our environment is no longer safe to some degree for pregnant women. Besides the harmful effect of the food that we are always associated with (To some people who don’t healthy diet) our field is added on the list that we should be worrying about.

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