• Be Prepared: Steps To Complete Emergency Plan

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    Having a survival kit can sure make life a lot easier during a survival situation. While no kit can ever replace good old fashion knowledge and training, having one is an important part of the preparedness equation. The first type of kit is called an EDC (Every Day Carry), and is something that you keep with you at all times. It’s usually small enough to fit in your pocket, and is filled with only essential survival items.

    The widespread impact felt from this week’s snowfall and icy weather has been compared to the infamous Blizzard of ‘93, and even the apocalypse as seen on The Walking Dead. Thousands of Alabamians were forced to abandon their cars on local roadways and seek shelter, while just as many children were stranded with no way to get home and forced to spend the night at their school. Even meteorologists were giving public apologies about erroneous weather predictions.

    Despite it all, the bottom line remains the same, if an emergency strikes, are you prepared to handle it? The best way to prepare is to start by compiling a portable disaster supplies kit. Below is a list of recommended items that may come in handy if you’re stuck at home, in the car, or need to evacuate immediately, be sure to save it, print it, and pass it along to family and friends.




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