• New Ways To Outsmart Fat Traps

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    With diet traps lurking around every dinner table and pantry shelf, it's easy to overeat. Here's how to navigate the danger zones without gaining a pound.

    You know to ignore the supersize bags of chips and other blatant tactics that fatten the food industry's coffers, along with your waistline. That's the good news. The less cheery: “Food marketers have upped their game,” says Frederick Zimmerman, PhD, chair of the department of health policy and management at the Fielding School of Public Health at UCLA. “As a result, it's increasingly difficult to make healthy choices.” But not impossible. We asked insiders to dish on the latest marketing ploys so you'll be on to them—and better able to resist.

    Fat trap 1: Menu mind games

    Eating out is better for you than it used to be—at least, that's the perception: 86 percent of people surveyed by NPD Group said restaurants offer more healthy choices than they did two years ago. Still, many eateries subtly steer you toward less nutritious options. “Restaurants will say, ‘We offer healthy items. It's not our …

    To help you say no to the bagels and doughnuts at your next meeting, bring a snack of your own, or pick a spot at the table where you'll have to leave your chair to take one. “You'll be more likely to think twice about it, since you'd attract attention getting up,”.

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