• Preparedness Pop Quiz: 14 Questions To Ask Yourself

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    Disasters are unpredictable; like a pop quiz. And like a pop quiz, practice and preparation are vital parts of passing the test. Being prepared for disasters requires more than knowing what to do in case of a tornado, flood or fire. It's also about things such as: preparing 72-hours worth of disaster supplies for the home, office and car; developing and practicing a family emergency plan; understanding community warning systems and evacuation routes; knowing who to contact in the community for more information; learning how to get involved during an emergency and much more.

    When it comes to being  prepared, is seems that there are about a thousand things to take into consideration. Well, maybe not a thousand but at least a hundred or two.

    At times, it feels like we are jugglers, with so many balls in the air that with one mis-step, they will all come tumbling down.

    Luckily, there are lots or resources available with checklists and guidelines to get us through the quagmire of of things to do, things to get, and things to learn. Even then, when it comes right down to it, we all just have to do it.

    I have found that the process of asking and answering questions goes further to help me prepare than all of the the other resources combined.  By asking a question of myself, I can work through various scenarios and come up with a reasonable answer and a solution that is actionable. Because this question and …

    13.  Can you carry your primary survival pack on your back for two to four hours without strain?  When is the last time you tried?

    14.  What steps have you taken to mentally prepare for a disaster or collapse?

    The Final Word

    These are just a sampling of the questions you should be asking yourself in an effort to round out and broaden your preparedness efforts.  Some of them are easier than others; and, most assuredly, the answers will set the foundation for further assessment of your state of preparedness.

    The good news is that family preparedness can be embraced as a lifestyle and can meld into the mesh of daily life as a matter of course.

    Every web development company will have its own working style, its own set of procedures and protocol and these can vary widely. I’ll use examples from our own process and how we work with clients. Naturally, we believe that our approach is a good one but we are always open to stretching our horizons and incorporating new ideas when they make sense.Your experience will go more smoothly if you have some of your ducks in a row from the start and you can use these questions as a template.

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