• Steady Weight -Linked to improve health even in Old Age

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    Older-man-exercisingSome of our old folks are conscious about their blood pressure, they eat the right food and exercise a lot to stay healthy, and they do it mainly  because they fear about heart disease that may occur to them any time if they are too careless. As we grow older, we start to feel like we easily get tired when we do a task, and when you give in to this kind of feeling you’ll deviate yourself from being healthy. You need to force yourself to stand up and choose exercise instead of just sitting the whole day. But exercise can also be stressful especially those who are already aging. The key is not really to push yourself in an intense exercise, but instead, you just have to set goal of maintaining you weight.
    The truth is, the body of an elderly person is already fragile, prone to a lot of things, that is why it’s so important to maintain a healthy lifestyle eating the right food, proper exercise and constant engagement on any social activities (As long as they are beneficial to health) recent studies show, that if you will maintain your weight, you will have a healthier body.

    This British study looked at 1,273 subjects and followed them for an average of 60 years from birth to the ages of 60 to 64. Their body mass index (BMI) was measured throughout their childhood, mid-life, and into their senior years. The subjects also were assessed for other risk factors for the development of heart disease, including the thickness of their neck carotid arteries. This measurement indicates the presence of atherosclerotic disease, or atherosclerosis.
    Not to anyone’s surprise, the researchers found that the earlier in life excessive weight gain occurred, the greater the risk profile, including increased thickness of the carotid artery. These participants were also more likely to develop diabetes and experience high blood pressure.
    The results of this study also found something quite interesting. If the subjects lost any weight throughout their lives to the extent that it placed them in a different weight category according to BMI (from obese …

    Those who are already aging, they have limitations when it comes to body movements, that is why -fitness experts have a lighter program for them and The good news is, they don’t have to exercise too much, they just have to do it to maintain their weight to stay healthy.

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