• 5 Weight Loss Tips To Fight Cravings

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    Do you find yourself successfully dieting for three weeks at a time, only to succumb to an uncontrollable urge to scarf down a few calorie-laden hot fudge sundaes as that time of the month rolls around? You're not alone.

    by Dr. K.J. McLaughlin

    Yes, it is well into the New Year and your degree of self-control is probably being tested. How are you doing?

    Do you have conscious control over your natural impulse to eat the certain foods which lead to weight gain? Can you avoid eating inappropriate foods that will prevent you from reaching your weight loss goals?

    Well, no matter how you change your lifestyle dynamics, if you want to lose body fat and add some muscle to your body, there will be some foods you will have to avoid, at least for a while.

    According to published research, people who have higher levels of self-control have a much better chance at restraining themselves and are more successful at losing and maintaining normal body weights. In addition, those who think or perceive that they have high levels of self-control and regulation are better at controlling their weight. It has also been …

    Most of us eat too quickly no matter what meal it is. Before you go back for more, wait a full 10-minutes to decide if you’re still really hungry. This will help you lower down the urge of food intake and will help you fight the goal to fitness!


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