• New Supplement Trend Emerges

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    Present in low levels in our bodies, but essential to every aspect of our health, vitamins are substances our bodies cannot make. Therefore, they must be obtained through diet.

    by Dr. K.J. McLaughlin

    According to a new research report by Ipsos Public Affairs, a market research company, Americans are taking nutritional supplements in numbers that are surprising, given the previous estimates. The Council for Responsible Nutrition looked at the data from five years of market research following the results gleaned from online surveys. The analysts found that Americans were using nutritional supplements with greater frequency than previously estimated through the National Health and Nutrition Examination surveys.

    This new research is quite interesting because not only does it tell us what Americans are taking, but it also provides an important demographic profile for this specific group of people.

    The issue here, when it comes to comparing the results to past studies, is that this new information is very accurate, as it considered those folks who use supplements regularly, occasionally, or seasonally throughout each year; previous government data only provided supplement use in people …

    Vitamin C, for example, is good at warding off cancer, except when it fuels its growth. Laboratory animals that received vitamin C before exposure to a powerful dose of the herbicide paraquat were largely protected from cancer. For animals that received vitamin C after exposure, the antioxidant properties of vitamin C aggravated the damage caused by the herbicide and led to more cancers.


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