• Natural Treatment For Parkinson’s Symptoms

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    Parkinson's symptoms can make daily life very difficult. The muscle stiffness, weakness, and tremors that people with Parkinson’s often experience can significantly interfere with everyday activities, especially as the disease progresses. Simple tasks like dressing, bathing, or even walking around the house can become frustrating.

    Exercise is considered an essential part of managing the symptoms of the disease. “Exercise is being researched as a possible intervention and possible neuro- (brain) protective measure,” explains Linda Pituch, a patient services manager for the Parkinson's Disease Foundation. “It's not conclusive but exercise may end up being viewed in the same vein as medication.

    The form of exercise I always recommend to those just starting to get into exercising regularly or those with limited mobility is walking. Walking is one of the easiest forms of exercise. There’s even evidence that walking can cure a number of health issues, such as diabetes.

    Now a new study has me believing even more in this simple form of exercise. Turns out, going for a brisk walk may also be beneficial for patients with Parkinson’s disease.

    The study from the University of Iowa and the Veterans Affairs Medical Center of Iowa City found that for Parkinson’s patients who were still mobile, walking three times a week showed a marked improvement in symptoms, with less depression and fatigue. Best of all, this is an affordable treatment.

    To begin, researchers at the University of Iowa recruited a group of 60 Parkinson’s patients with mild to moderate symptoms and ran a variety of tests …

    Discussing specific strategies with your Parkinson's medical team can be useful in redesigning a living space to make it safer. Occupational therapists in particular can make suggestions in terms of making the home a more user-friendly environment for someone with Parkinson's.

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