• A Sickly Body Could Start Up a Healthy Mind

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    A Sickly Body Could Start Up a Healthy MindMental health is actually linked in our physical health, in fact our mind is basically the author of wellness or illness in our body, whenever our minds create something, our body would respond to it in a manner which doesn’t violate the original intent of our mind. “You are what you think you are” a very strong phrase that one would ask about the boundaries of mind and body, about their individuality inside a living being. What exactly are their functions, and how hard it is to place these two elements in a common ground where they agree together?

    Let us not forget that in science, the brain is the one that sends electrical impulse to our body so that the body will respond to a certain situation at any given time, so the question that your are asking right now is that in what manner these two don’t agree on something? Well, to understand this, you need not to rely entirely on science concept. For example. Have you got into a position where you feel like you are torn apart, of choosing what your body wants and what your mind says about it? This conflict is just an example of two different elements in our body not agreeing to each other.

    Why is it so important for a person to have his/her mind and body agree on each other? Having a right set of mind is one thing, having a lazy body is a different thing, the writer is emphasizing the body’s important role to lead in changing our mindset. I know it’s often the opposite, the mind first then the body follows it, but that’s not the case all the time. Another example I want to give is –a scenario when you finally, finally, finally! Made up your mind to jog every morning because you’re getting fatter, you vowed to do it and have everything set up, your alarm clock is set and all the things you need. Then the morning comes and you hear your alarm and right before you open your eye to wake up you feel every fiber of your heavy, lazy body protesting against you going out to jog, then quickly you conceded to it and gave in to sleeping again. Not until one day, your body is finally hurting, experiencing discomfort and sicknesses, that’s the time where in cooperates with your mind and will result to creating a stronger will in the mind to really work hard to be fit.

    Removing The Junk

    Your intent is very powerful but our bodies are filled with so many toxins and low vibrational energies, most of us walk around dragging all this junk like an anchor. And anchor us it does. We can’t see it or feel it per se but when it is gone we begin to feel very different. Your energy field is vast and removing this baggage in the beginning is like digging in a mountain with a spoon, but as you practice and get more skill, you can remove more and more junk and feel better and better. So let’s clean house shall we? Again, sit or stand comfortably and breathe, observing your breath. When you are relaxed and focused, say in your mind, “It is my intent to remove all the toxic and lower vibrational energies from my energy field that I have experienced this morning.” You should now …

    A sound mind produces healthy intention toward everything, including the body. It is so important that we should always stick to all things positive. We cope up easily from short comings if we choose to believe with all our mind that everyone will be okay. It’s not about cheating your mind, it’s about creating the right mindset.

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