• Forest: Preservation or Annihilation?

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    Forest Preservation or AnnihilationWe really can’t get enough destroying the trees aren’t we? Or the Mother Nature in general, there are people who wouldn’t care about this issue at all, well, I can’t blame you –your are still breathing right? But don’t you know that one of the reason why you are still able to do what you’re doing right now is because you are breathing perfectly with a gas that the trees are providing you, one of the factors the contributes your life is the trees that other people are cutting off right now while you are reading this article.

    Trees are essentially needed so that we can survive. Through the process of photosynthesis trees were able to produce oxygen (O2), it is a type of gas that we cannot live without. We breathe in the oxygen they produced and then we breathe out carbon dioxide (CO2) which the trees take into their system as well. Trees are responsible for cleaning the air so that humans and animals can share a clean air.

    But despite this truth about the importance of tree in the ecosystem, some people are deliberately killing them. Cutting of trees are being done all over the world today, and they have no idea what will happen to us if the ecosystem isn’t balance anymore. Floods, soil erosion, these are just few of the things we are experiencing right now because of our abusive treatment to nature.

    A certain woman name Miranda (An activist) in Tasmania, Australia -made an observatory in the middle of the forest, and witness a horrible deeds of man, cutting and burning a hundred years old trees for their interest. Her idea was to video tape the logging activities in the area and post it online to create a stir in the hearts of the people around the world, to help her stop the cutting of trees in Australia. It is rather odd because the area where logging activities are visible are the areas that the government made a conservation agreement to protect the forest.

    After months of fighting against tree loggers, Miranda finally caught the attention of people around the world, and the government started to act on it in favor of the trees, but prior to this event, trees have already fallen to the ground, burned and wasted without hesitation these trees were killed. When are we going to realize how dreadful it is to destroy the forest? We need not to wait ‘till we experience lack of oxygen in our atmospheres and die of suffocation. We need to stop illegal logging and start reforestation all over the world. Plant a tree and save the planet.

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