• Homestead In Place: 12 Ways

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    Screenshot-2014-10-12-at-10.49.56-PMThe idea of self-sufficiency appeals to those of us who are rebelliously independent and would walk 10 miles before asking for help.  The ones who don’t take orders well and like to design our own playgrounds.  Those who see there’s a better way and are dang-well going to do it that way, even if it takes me longer, costs me some bruises, and makes the other girls think I’m weird…erm… unconventional.

    If you read between the many lines on Backdoor Survival, you will know that I daydream about becoming a homesteader. I have collected books and eBooks on the topic and I am constantly talking to anyone who will listen about raising chickens for eggs and goats for milk. Sadly, most of this dreaming is just that, a dream.

    Like many, my living arrangements do not allow for raising animals, a humongous garden, a workshop to build stuff or any of the other trappings normally associated with a traditional homestead. On the other hand, there are things I do have, most notably the will and the desire to homestead in place.

    Homestead in Place? What is That?

    By my own definition, to “homestead in place” means to take what you have – be it a downtown condo, an urban apartment, a suburban tract home or a cottage home in a seaside community – …

    So if you are in the market to make a move soon, I’m sharing 12 things you should seriously consider before purchasing any property for your future homesteading goals.

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