• It’s Not Autoimmune, You Have Viruses: Exploding Autoimmune Epidemic

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    Dr. Tent, D.C., N.D., Ph.D., exposes the true source of our current cancer and autoimmune disease epidemics in this YouTube video.  What started out as an accidental transfer of monkey viruses while trying to create a polio vaccine, turned into mass infection of a cancer causing virus as millions upon millions received this vaccine, and also turned into a weapon that led to the weaponization of hundreds of viruses including HIV/AIDS and Ebola.

    Diverse Health Services presents Dr. R. E. Tent's April 2012 lecture; The Exploding Autoimmune Epidemic, which concludes that it's not autoimmune disease, it's that we're full of viruses.  Dr. Tent has a highly successful local private practice in Novi, Michigan and is highly renowned all over the country for his staggering results in chiropractic and alternative treatment.

    In other words, we are becoming concerned with the spread of Ebola, e.g., when we don't know that we already harbor a viral threat to our health, should it manifest somewhere in our bodies….This is Dr. Tent's objective here, to make us aware.

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