• Herbs Can Help You Manage Stress

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    One of these benefits is that they rarely cause side-effects. In fact, many of these herbal medications are used to treat those that have allergic reactions or allergies in general. They are able to do this through providing a gentle substance in the body that is found in nature that is going to work with the body to get it over the problem that it may have with certain foods or other allergy items.

    Throughout history, people have searched for ways to relieve stress. Some methods are healthy, such as gathering with friends and family, meditation, or ritual. Other de-stressors can have negative consequences when used in excess—think cocktails, drugs, or midnight ice cream binges.

    While they don’t take the place of great social support, herbs are a wonderful, natural way to help the body and mind cope with stress. Whether your stress shows up as muscle tension, circling thoughts, digestive upset, or a racing heartbeat, there is a traditional herbal remedy to soothe the reaction.

    Understanding Stress Reactions
    The body has certain built-in mechanisms for recognizing and reacting to stressors. The sympathetic and parasympathetic
    nervous systems are two sides of a coin: they work together, ideally, to keep you in balance.

    The sympathetic nervous system ramps things up: gets your heart racing, narrows your vision, shuts down digestion releases sugar and adrenaline into the bloodstream—it’s a rush! And …

    • Sleep: the body has things to do that it can’t get done while you are awake. Get more sleep—even an extra ½ hour— for a greater sense of well-being.

    • Meditate: meditation leads to calmer brain waves, and a greater ability to deal with stress. Start with two minutes a day—no pressure.

    • Cultivate a spiritual practice or philosophy: Having a larger perspective or big picture, of any tradition or of your own making, eases the sense of chaos that can be triggered by the random events of life—thus reducing stress reactions.

    These herbal medications are much more safer than the mainstream medications that are out there. These herbal medications are found in nature and do not have all these ingredients that cause the person to become dependent upon them or to cause the person to have even more problems such as nausea, headache or just basically making them feel worse than they did when they were receiving no treatment for the problems that they were having.



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