• More people turning to Reiki for Holistic Healing

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    More and more people are turning to alternative medicine because of either the side effects, cost or inconvenience of a pill for there ailments. Instead of purchasing herbs and drinking teas, like most holistic people do, others have invested their healing time into Reiki. While medical professionals and practitioners may boast at the idea surprisingly there are over sixty hospitals that are using this type of medication which costs less than you may think.

    Reiki, developed in 1922 by Japanese Buddhist Mikao Usui, uses strategic hand placements to transfer energy known as the “universal life force” in an effort to bring a person's energy into balance. Individuals can receive certification as a Level I or II practitioner or as a Reiki master after taking a series of classes with a master.

    Practitioners believe the resulting equilibrium can help promote self-healing.

    Some people experience a heat or tingling sensation during the treatments. Others experience a deep calm come over them.

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    There are may different types of Reiki and it is more than just meditation and hand placement. However, the act of someone taking the time to force negative energy away and watching what comes into your body is important and heals more than just your physical state.

    For more information on Reiki and how you can become certified please visit: Bennington Banner Health 

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