• How Many And What You Don’t Know: Measles Strains

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    vaccine-e1423523128434The current measles outbreak primarily emanating from Disneyland in California is up to 100 cases but not all are epidemiologically-linked to the Disneyland outbreak.  As is usual with measles outbreaks, most were completely unvaccinated, some were too young to be vaccinated.  There are numerous articles highlighting this well-known fact and that has anti-vaxxers on the defensive.

    Do you know that there are many more strains of the measles virus than Baskin-Robbins has flavors of ice cream?

    Ice cream is one thing, but all those ‘flavors’ of measles surely must present problems for measles vaccine manufacturers, one would think. And, that’s the problem, as I see it: Healthcare consumers are not told the facts about the numerous strains of measles—similar to influenza’s many strains, which may NOT be included in vaccines! That’s why it is utterly important for public health officials to identify and make public which strain is appearing in localized measles outbreaks.

    According to a “Guest” commentator on Activist Post’s article “Constitutional Attorney Talks About FDA Corruption”, February 8, 2015,

    The genotype in California is said to B3. However we know they do lie so who really knows.

    The assumption of the CDC and the vaccine makers is the A genotype will work against or on ALL the genotypes that have been documented.

    Gotcha! Therein is found the measles outbreak problem(s), in this writer’s opinion. Just like the CDC/FDA admits the wrong influenza strains have been ‘guessed’ for inclusion in the 2014-25 flu vaccines—that everyone is hounded to get—the same apparently can be said about the measles strain in vaccines.

    Vaccine ‘science’ is nothing more than a guessing game!

    And, children are their intended prime targets.

    Have you realized just how many vaccines with all their neurotoxins, toxic chemicals, genetically-engineered ingredients, and probable nano-particles kids are being mandated to receive? Here’s birth to 6 years of age. Here’s for older children. I suggest your printing the chart on that CDC site and studying it carefully. Then read corresponding vaccine package inserts.

    Secret Viruses in Measles Vaccines 

    But, what I think ought to be mainstreamed in healthcare consumer literature and consciousness about viral diseases like flu and measles, is the information that “Guest” pointed out in his/her comments.

    What’s stated there leads me to think that “Guest” is a vaccine scientist/researcher who knows the real facts about measles and vaccinology. So, let me state that the information I have copied and pasted below is from “Guest” on the Activist Post site mentioned above. Thank you, kind person, for sharing your information, which I trust you don’t mind my reprinting here so that healthcare consumers globally can read it. Any comments that Catherine wants to interject into “Guest’s” comments will be in italics font.

    “Guest” Comment in response to “Lifting The Veil”

    Here are the measles genotypes: 19 genotypes detected since 1990:

    A*, B2, B3, C1, C2, D2, D3, D4, D5, D6, D7, D8, D9, D10, D11, G2, G3, H1, H2. [Quite a roster, I’d say.] In 2011, 8 genotypes were identified by global surveillance: B2, B3, D4, D8, D9, D11, G3, H1.

    *Vaccine strains Moraten, Edmonston, Zagreb are all genotype A.

    -Immunogenicity and Safety of GSK Biologicals’ Combined Measles-mumps-rubella Vaccine in Volunteers, Seven Years of Age and Older. .…

    -Immunogenicity and Safety Study of GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Biologicals’ Combined Measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) Vaccine in Subjects Four to Six Years of Age.…

    -Safety and Immunogenicity Study of GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Biologicals’ Measles,Mumps and Rubella (MMR) Vaccine (209762) Compared to Merck & Co., Inc.’s MMR Vaccine in Healthy Children 12 to 15 Months of Age.…

    -Study of Immunogenicity, Reactogenicity and Safety of the Combined Measles, Mumps and Rubella Vaccine Produced by Bio-Manguinhos/Fiocruz in Children 12-15 Months of Age, Followed by Tetraviral Vaccine in Children 15-18 Months.…

    So, medicine and pharmacology apparently are partisan stages upon which money has the main speaking part. Those with the most money have the loudest voices who can demand subservience from everyone: Congress, taxpayers, the media, even your pet animals…they, too, have to be vaccinated with ‘poison darts’ that really don’t do what they are falsely advertised to do, e.g., the Mumps vaccine in Merck’s MMR vaccine, which was prostituted as being effective but not, according to a whistleblowers’ lawsuit in federal court. As I said in my earlier article,

    Furthermore, the Mumps active in the Merck MMR vaccine was fraudulently stated as effective for numerous years until two whistleblowers came forward. There’s a federal lawsuit: Civil Action No. 10-4374, United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania.

    Here’s more about the above lawsuit taken from Law 360:

    Since 1967, Merck has been the sole pharmaceutical company in the U.S. licensed to produce mumps vaccine, and the company has long represented that the vaccine is 95 percent effective in preventing the disease.

    The whistleblowers, two individuals who worked as virologists in a Merck lab performing efficacy tests, claimed that after the company’s tests showed the vaccines slipping below the 95 percent threshold, it changed its methodology and falsified results but kept reporting to the Food and Drug Administration that the drug was 95 percent effective.

    They claimed in their lawsuit, unsealed in June 2012, that Merck violated the False Claims Act by billing the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for the vaccine while they were aware of its diminished efficacy and by falsifying and manipulating data that should have been shared with the government. They claimed that, as a result, the government had spent hundreds of millions of dollars on ineffective medicine.

    That’s nothing new!

    Now, what needs to be determined, I think, is/was the measles active efficacy rating ‘fudged’ IF the whistleblowers who worked on the mumps active in the MMR vaccine were not involved in ‘setting’ efficacy ratings for the measles active at Merck? Isn’t that a logical question to ask?

    Getting back to another “Guest” commentator, whom I assume may be the same person since the information shared seems to be of the ‘insider’ version. However, this “Guest’s” information is taken from an investigative journalist who attended high level government vaccine meetings and conferences in the US and the UK for over a decade.

    There was a problem with the MMR that was the focus of the NIH Emergency Workshop on SV40 [The same virus found in the original polio vaccine that causes CANCER.] in 1998. The meeting was in Washington. At this there were representatives of all the major US government health organizations and of the vaccine manufacturers. The discussion was led by Dr. Khan on RT viruses [2—check out carefully this information in the references below! Apparently, they’re monkeying around with DNA?] in vaccines. Dr. Khan represented the FDA.

    ‘Today I would like to present an update on the reverse transcriptase [RT] activity that is present in chicken cell derived vaccines.'

    Dr. Khan was reporting the result of a just concluded two-year investigation into the safety of MMR led by the World Health Organisation. She explained that this was initiated in 1996 after the discovery in MMR of RT; an enzyme whose presence they believed could well indicate that retroviruses had contaminated the vaccine. This had greatly alarmed them as some retroviruses are thought to cause cancers – and AIDS. WHO [World Health Organization] had then quietly, without telling the public, without withdrawing the vaccine, organised MMR safety studies at various laboratories to see ‘whether this RT activity was associated with a retroviral particle, and even more importantly, whether this retrovirus particle could infect and replicate in human cells.'

    What they then discovered confirmed their worse fears. Dr Khan continued: ‘The RT activity is found to be associated with retroviral particles of two distinct avian endogenous retroviral families designated as EAV and ALV.' Now ALV stands for Avian Leukosis Virus. It is associated with a leukaemia cancer found in wild birds, so definitely was not wanted in the vaccines. EAV was however less dangerous, at least for birds as it is natural for them to have it.

    Khan added that they had also found another possible danger; ‘There was a theoretical possibility that the virus [ALV] could … infect the [human] cell' thus integrating its genetic code ‘into the human DNA' to cause cancer. The only reassurance she could give was that her team had watched vaccine cultures for a full ‘48 hours', and, in that time period, no merger of viral and human DNA had been observed. I thought this much too short a period to guarantee safety. Cancers develop over years.

    Dr Khan then warned; ‘there is a possibility that there could also be potential pseudotypes (merging between) … the measles vaccine virus and the retroviral sequences' – meaning there was a risk that bird viruses might combine with the measles virus in the vaccine to create dangerous new mutant viruses, They had not seen it, but it could happen.

    Thank you, Guest, for sharing the above information. It proves even more so why no one should consent to receiving nor be mandated to take vaccines against their will.

    Congress, where are you? Why aren’t you doing your job now? You knew how to do it in 1986 to protect Big Pharma. How come you aren’t protecting healthcare consumers NOW?

    Getting back to how many strains of measles there are.

    I posted this comment in answer to Boeser Wolf.

    Check out this 1995 Journal of General Virology article to learn about many strains of measles.

    Definitely check out “Table 1 Origins of measles virus strains” to see, if I counted correctly, 65 strains of measles. How can one measly MMR vaccine provide protection from all those strains? Is that why vaccinated kids are coming down with measles? The MMR vaccine apparently doesn’t contain the right active(s); or possibly can be inactive (fudged efficacy ratings); and, therefore apparently infecting vaccinated and non-vaccinated individuals alike?

    Please share this information with everyone you know. It’s time the facts about vaccine pseudoscience, fudged ‘scientific’ reports be made known, and called on the carpet by the U.S. Congress, the U.S. HHS/CDC/ and Pharma’s lackey—the U.S. FDA.

    The hype about 51 cases of measles reportedly linked to Disneyland has more to do with covering up vaccine failures and propping up the dissolving myth of vaccine acquired herd immunity than it does about protecting the public health. It has a lot to do with defensive doctors trying to blame a minority of parents who are refusing to place irrational faith in them and their moving goal posts, and are choosing instead to think and act rationally.

    That third MMR shot is coming to America and so is a massive Pharma-led lobby attempt to demonize and punish all Americans who defend the human right to exercise informed consent to medical risk-taking, including vaccine risk-taking. The calls to strike down those who do not use every dose of the growing list of government-mandated vaccines, is on a fast track. It will include banning the unvaccinated from exercising the right to get a public education, medical care, employment and many other human and civil rights.

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