• Health: Detox Program, Niacin, Exercise, and Sauna—A Can Significantly Improve Your Health

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    Detox generally refers to the body’s system removing toxins  from the blood stream. We are all exposed to harmful unwanted chemical. These chemicals are found in common household and consumer products such as anti bacterials in tooth paste and fungicides/herbicides/pesticides on fruit an vegetables.  Research is showing these can cause or are correlated to developmental delays in children. There’s no question that toxins are affecting our health. Organic food is still the best way of eliminating a lot of unwanted chemicals from your system and can work in a number of days.

    If you’re struggling with chronic health problems, chances are you’d greatly benefit from a detoxification program. But how does one go about it, safely and effectively? In this interview, Dr. George Yu answers this important question. A graduate of Tufts University Medical School, he did his surgical training at Harvard and Johns Hopkins. For the last 35 years, he’s been associated with George Washington University.

    Dr. Yu has been, and still is, involved with some very exciting clinical trials to help detoxify people from the Gulf War at present for veterans under the principle investigator David Carpenter of University of Albany and the Department of Defense, and 9/11 rescue workers exposed to toxic debris and in the past Agent Orange.

    Integrated medicine and detoxification may seem an odd specialty of a conventionally trained surgeon. His interest in this field began in 2002 when, as a urological oncologist doing surgeries for advanced diseases, …

    This niacin protocol was developed primarily to help drug addicts detox drug toxins stored in fats. The idea was to get rid of all the drug residue that would haunt them with cravings after kicking their habit. It worked so well that doctors use the protocol with all people wanting to cleanse their system of unwanted toxins, nicotine, pesticides, chemicals from household chemicals such as detergents, and other environmental pollutants. The niacin protocol is quite intense and not all customers choose to do it. Like most intense detox protocols, there can be detox reactions from the niacin ritual. We suggest you get your system alkaline before starting the protocol and that you follow our guidance closely when doing the niacin program.

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