• Corporate Media Continues Vaccine Protection Racket

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    Global influenza vaccine manufacturing capacity is insufficient to meet demand in a pandemic and in the absence of a multilateral system of benefit sharing, some Member States, particularly developing countries, can neither afford nor access the vaccines’

    The anchor cites facts from the “real government agency with real scientists” – the CDC – as verification (cue laugh track). There are many problems here, as readers of this site no doubt already know, but just in case one needs a quick reference for why this is an absolute joke of a piece of propaganda, here are two must-see videos with titles that alone get the message across, and research links attached that prove the assertions made.

    In other words, ‘there isn't enough vaccine to go around, poorer countries will be priced out of the market, and millions will die in the event of a pandemic’. Basically, this passage amounts to the blackmailing of developing countries into accepting the WHO’s particular ‘virus sharing’ system.

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