• Common Complaints: 10 Herbal Remedies

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    Common health complaints, such as coughs, colds and headaches, account for one out of every five GP appointments in England.
    Yet many of these can be treated quicker and just as effectively at home using self care and over-the-counter medicines bought from pharmacies or supermarkets.

    It’s time to go back to basics and see how much nature can heal you, naturally. You can learn about all of these remedies in video below!


    Coughing? Add Rosemary!

    The eycalyptol in this aromatic herb is proven to loosen chest congestion, making phlegm easier to expel. Plus, rosemary is rich in anti-inflammatory tannins, which soothe a sore throat. (1)(2)


    Upset Stomach? Add Mint!

    Peppermint contains menthol, a natural plant compound that relaxes pain-inducing intestinal spasms. This reduces belly discomfort by 40 percent. (3)


    Menstrual Cramps? Add Oregano!

    Enjoying 2 tsp of fresh oregano daily during menstruation can reduce or eliminates cramps. That’s because this herb’s thymol and carvacrol, relax uterine muscles to prevent painful contractions. (4)(5)

    Curry Powder

    Achy joints? Add Curry Powder!

    The curcumin in curry inhibits the body’s production of prostaglandin E2, an inflammatory compound that over-sensitizes nerves. This blunts joint and muscle pain as effectively as prescription medications. (6)


    Upset G.I. Tract? Add Dill!

    Indian scientists found that dill’s limonene works as well as prescription antibiotics at killing harmful intestinal bacteria such as E. coli. (7)(8)


    Bloated? Add Parsley!

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