• Guts Could Cure Diabetes: Research

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    home-remedies-for-diabetesWhen your body's immune system is attacking its own natural insulin-producing cells, then you will be in trouble, you will surely have diabetes. It reaches to a point where the body will no longer maintain the right regulation of blood sugar levels. The researchers’ main goal is to apply therapies that could “re-train” the body's other cells to provide proper amount of insulin that our body requires. Now, some researchers from Columbia University Medical Center have disclose the ability to convert cells in the human gastrointestinal tract turned to insulin-producing cells by turning off a single gene, this is according to a new report in Nature Communications.
    While it is true that People are talking about turning one cell into another for a long time now, but until today we haven’t really reach to a point where we have created a fully functional insulin-producing cell by the manipulation of a single target, this is according to the study of Dr. Domenico Accili, a medical professor at Columbia University Medical Center (CUMC). The result of their study shows and that they have concluded the experiment could open the door to a possibility of adverse reaction.

    The finding raises the possibility that cells lost in type 1 diabetes may be more easily replaced through the reeducation of existing cells than through the transplantation of new cells created from embryonic or adult stem cells.
    For nearly two decades, researchers have been trying to make surrogate insulin-producing cells for type 1 diabetes patients. In type 1 diabetes, the body's natural insulin-producing cells are destroyed by the immune system.
    Although insulin-producing cells can now be made in the lab from stem cells, these cells do not yet have all the functions of naturally occurring pancreatic beta cells.
    This has led some researchers to try instead to transform existing cells in a patient into insulin-producers. Previous work by Dr. Accili's lab had shown that mouse intestinal cells can be transformed into insulin-producing cells; the current Columbia study shows that this technique also works in human cells.
    The Columbia researchers were able to teach human …

    There are good numbers of researchers these days that devout themselves to find a solution concerning diabetes. This study only signals where we are heading as far as the illness is concern.

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