• Heart-Healthy Habits To Try Right Now

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    Because Americans are more likely to adapt to stress than quell it, millions are unaware their heart health is at risk. Chronic stress and coronary heart disease go hand and hand. It's linked to unhealthy cholesterol levels, hypertension and a host of unhealthy habits that most of us turn to under duress. Aside from all of this, if you're often in a bad mood it may be time to address your stress. Studies maintain that hostility may trump the leading predictors of heart disease.

    Cutting your risk for cardiovascular disease doesn't necessarily require a total lifestyle overhaul. Simple steps like heading to bed early and waking up to a healthy breakfast can help keep your heart healthy.

    “There are plenty of small changes you can make in your day that can have a big impact on your heart health,” said Dr. Richard Becker, director of the University of Cincinnati Cardiovascular Institute.

    Here are seven quick fixes that can help your heart:

     Eat Breakfast

    You wouldn't expect your car to run on empty, so why ask your body to do it?

    Starting the day off with a healthy meal not only gives you the energy you need to work or play – it's also linked to a lower risk of heart disease, a new study found.

    The 16-year study of 26,000 American men found those who skipped breakfast had a 27 percent higher risk of coronary heart disease. …

    Eating healthy means so much more than just ordering a salad for lunch. Research has uncovered delicious information about whole grains, almonds, exotic juices, and even chocolate! Commonsense tells us why fresh produce is a smarter choice than potato chips. Learn about healthy food options so you'll develop an arsenal of defenses against salty, sugary, trans fatty foods.



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