• Prepare To Be Shocked: McDonald’s Transparency Campaign Backfires

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    There are a lot of questions about the McDonald's McRib. Is it real pork? Does it contain plastic? Will it bounce? McDonald's also isn't too crazy about some of these questions. So in an effort to dispel some of the more unflattering queries about its signature barbecue item.

    The segment comes as McDonald's is struggling to revive interest in its fast-food offerings. Late last month, the company reported a 30 percent decline in profit in the third quarter and a 3.3 percent decrease in sales. It's being buffeted on all sides by widespread consumer skepticism, unshakable images of pink slime, and a seemingly undying love for Chipotle. So McDonald's is buckling down.

    It would be fair to assume that there are three ingredients in McDonald’s French fries: potatoes, oil, and salt. But if you assumed that you’d be far from correct

    McDonald’s began a transparency campaign which was intended to market a more health conscious image of McDonald’s Corp. and utilize social media more effectively. However, instead of talking about their love for the brand, the hashtag became a forum for people to talk about how disgusting the food is.

    McDonald’s recently released a McRib video attempting to convince consumers that it’s not as bad for you as it seems, but they failed to talk about the toxic ingredients discussed in this article.

    Furthermore, it turns out that there are 17 ingredients in MickeyD’s French fries! They contain:

    -Potatoes: (So far so good…until you watch the eye-opening video below)

    -Canola oil: Genetically Modified (GMO)

    -Hydrogenated soybean oil: Again, GMO! Plus the hydrogenation process makes the oil …

    One theory about the McRib is that McDonald's only promotes the sandwich when pork prices are low. While it's hard to confirm whether some form of McArbitrage is going on, it is noteworthy that pork futures have fallen pretty steadily since July and tend to hit lows during the fall. From that perspective, McDonald's Monday release of the McRib video makes a lot of sense beyond just its transparency campaign.

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