• Becoming A Prepper: 10 Simple Strategies

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    You may have heard the term “prepper” used to describe certain people, but aren’t sure what it means. Being a prepper is a way of life that encourages preparation for survival during difficult times.

    Many people believe preppers to be paranoid people or religious extremists who are waiting for the world to end, but these are incorrect stereotypes. Preppers are not crazy or delusional; they are normal people who choose to prepare their families for a crisis. Contrary to the story told on television shows, preppers do not focus on one specific event, but they are ready for anything that they might face. Society tends to put a negative connotation on what preppers do, but there is nothing wrong with accepting the realistic possibility that things might not go the way you’ve planned.

    No one really knows how many preppers exist in the world but it is safe to say that there are three to four million in the United states alone.  Even though at first blush this sounds like a huge segment of the population, in round numbers that is still only slightly more than 1% of the total US populace. When you think about it, that is pretty shocking.

    Who is going to take care of the remaining 99% percent of the population when a major disruptive event occurs?  My guess is that most folks believe that the government will step in.  Yeah right.  Just like they did with Katrina and Superstorm Sandy.

    The truth is that the US Government is ill equipped to take on a massive rescue operation.  Plus, if the disruptive event is an economic collapse, you can bet that corporations will be bailed out …

    When resources are limited, preppers have an array of useful skills to help their families survive. Knowing different methods of water distillation is very important when faced with tragic conditions. Even the most prepared person can run out of supplies if the circumstances last longer than predicted. Preppers know that not all water is safe for drinking, and if their water supply runs dry they are able to provide safe drinking water through distillation. Many of them also have water catchment systems near their place of shelter. Knowing how to grow vegetables is also very useful if rations should come to an end. A good prepper knows how to cultivate and nurture a garden so that they can feed their family members.

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