• Exercise Outside With Spring Allergies

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    Springtime is in the air! Say goodbye to the bulky coats, thick scarves and cold bitter wind and hello to flip flops, shorts and the warm sun. This beautiful weather means it is time to lace up those sneakers and take your dog for a jog through the park. But this beautiful weather also means springtime allergies are in the air, leaving you with itchy, scratchy eyes and a stuffy nose. So how are you supposed to exercise when you’re body isn’t in top shape?

    No doubt many of us are shooing off the last remnants of winter and rejoicing that (according to the calendar, at least) it’s finally spring. Good riddance, bulky coats and stuffy gyms. Welcome, T-shirts and jogs outside, where it’s lukewarm, flowery and full of people who are equally jazzed to be walking without shivering. Hallelujah.

    But then – behold, a familiar enemy.

    “Now the sun is higher in the sky, you’re craving exercise, and all of a sudden, your spring allergies hit,” says Lisa Lynn, a New York-based fitness trainer. “And it’s gigantic. Now you have a new reason not to exercise, because the allergies make you feel exhausted, and some of the symptoms, like stuffy noseand irritated eyes, can be debilitating enough to make you not want to move.”

    Lynn, who specializes in performance nutrition and is perhaps best known for being Martha Stewart’s personal trainer for 13 years, is no stranger to …

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