• Acne And Dark Circles: Turmeric Face Mask Recipe For Rosacea

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    Turmeric is a bright yellow spice used in many Indian, Southeast Asian and Middle Eastern dishes, but what many Western don't know is that when combined with yogurt, milk or olive oil, it's also a brilliant face mask. Indian women use it as a skin brightener and it's common practice for Indian brides (and, apparently, their grooms) to smear a turmeric paste made of the powder and sunflower oil on their skin to brighten their complexions for the wedding

    This is an easy DIY beauty mask that I like to do once every couple weeks. It really brightens up the complexion and is great for people with rosacea, redness, or acne. It’s also great for diminishing the appearance of dark circles.

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    Turmeric is a common spice that can be purchased in the spice section of any grocery store for a couple of bucks. It’s predominantly used in South Asian cooking, so if you want to get a better price, try your local Indian/Pakistani market. They will have a huge canister for way cheaper than the regular grocery store.

    What I used:
    1. Turmeric
    2. Raw honey or regular honey
    3. Milk

    Turmeric on the skin usually does not produce any side effects. However, turmeric does stain clothes. Hence, wear old clothes when using a turmeric mask. In some cases turmeric may make your skin look slightly yellowish for sometime, multiple time washing will remove that. As an added precaution, people who are prone to different skin conditions should consult their dermatologist before using a home facial masks using turmeric.

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