• Producer Nearly Imprisoned For Refusing To Spray Pesticides In Organic Wine

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    Wine is the perfect complement to many foods, be it breakfast, lunch or dessert. You can use it in cooking certain culinary items, to impart an abundant taste and smell. And there are various benefits related to drinking wine. A kind of wine that is all the rage nowadays and it is quickly gaining kudos in the elitist and regular wine folk, is organic wine.

    by Heather Callaghan

    I still don't feel guilty. It's intolerable today to be forced to hide and to be frightened for taking a stand. –Emmanuel Giboulot

    Last year I wrote about a major pesticide problem in French wines. One that had unfortunate results. For instance, 90% of those wines, even vintage, were contaminated with unsafe pesticide chemical levels. One farmer died from exposure, and wine farmers there were shown to have much higher rates of brain cancer and dementia.

    One would think organic wines would be the way to go. French labels depict organic with the words Vin Biologique. But now, with a new directive that completely undermines “organic” – it is uncertain. That is, if this normally very American, Canadian and English trend on choking out organic small farm freedom continues in France.

    Enter: winegrower, Emmanuel Giboulot who has been under fire for months for “flouting official regulations.”

    He hails from the Burgundy region of …

    Any food that is being organically grown must follow a strict criteria. Organic foods must be certified before they can be labeled “organic”. Traditional wines are grown with grapes that are usually heavily sprayed with pesticides. Organic wineries do not add flavors such as oak chips to their wines, and use very basic wine making techniques that involves yeast for fermentation. Some traditional wines may be labeled “made with organic grapes”, this means that 70% of their grapes come from organic sources. So it is important when choosing the best wine for your health that you read your labels carefully.


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