• Animal Proteins And Viruses Triggering Disease

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    Vaccination is one of the most important public health accomplishments. However, since vaccine preparation involves the use of materials of biological origin, vaccines are subject to contamination by micro-organisms. In fact, vaccine contamination has occurred; a historical example of vaccine contamination, for example, can be found in the early days of development of the smallpox vaccine. The introduction of new techniques of vaccine virus production on cell cultures has lead to safer vaccines, but has not completely removed the risk of virus contamination.

    by Catherine J. Frompovich

    One of the more scientifically-researched health information sites on the Internet is one this researcher/writer subscribes to, produced by Dr. Michael Greger, MD. Their focus is on plant-based diets and the role such diets play in relieving and/or treating disease, including disease prevention.

    In January 2014, Dr. Greger produced a video, which is the site’s trademark presentation format, titled “Animal Proteins and Viruses Triggering Disease.”

    The remarkable part about the information presented is this: contact with various food source animals such as slaughter houses, butchering, poultry workers, etc. and even eating animal meat as food, confirms the ability of transferring animal viruses to humans.

    Dr. Greger discusses various peer-reviewed papers, plus the proclivity for contracting animal-borne viruses and diseases. Furthermore, he supports a vegan diet so as not to contract animal viruses or diseases from eating meat and animal products. That, alone, ought to be reason for not eating …


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