• Want To Relax? Stare At A Color

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    Light & colour are vibrating energies, each colour having its own wavelength and frequency. The different colours are created by light waves of differing lengths. The colours we see in the objects around us are caused by the light waves being absorbed or reflected off the object. Without light, there is no colour. Dark objects absorb more light rays, and reflect less light, whilst objects that look light, are reflecting more light, and absorbing less. We can use colour in our clothing, our decor, colours of food we eat, or visualise a colour, in crystals or stained water, our choice of plants and flowers, to help us balance and benefit our body, mind and emotions. We tend to instinctively be drawn towards the colours we need, perhaps being drawn to blue when feeling anxious or stressed.

    Color affects our moods in fascinating ways. Just looking at one particular shade can have an immediate calming effect — and no other hue promotes those zen-like emotions like the color blue. This shade invites feelings of peace and relaxation instantly, and has been scientifically proven to help stave off stress. If you're feeling a little bit on the edge, take a look at the soothing blue scenes below and feel your worries wash away.

    There are many color charts that you can find on the internet and in libraries. Generally, you will find that they share similar evaluations about the effects of specific colors. Below we have included a color chart. See if you can recognize some of the feelings that they describe for each color. A good idea is to just try it out if you haven't already. Think about it: If you ever went to your closet and dressed for the day and chose colors based on how you felt or what was ahead of you, then you practiced a bit of “colorolgy.” Colorology is another name for chromotherapy. This is considered to be an alternative medicine. It uses color and light to balance energy wherever a person's body is lacking, whether it's mental, emotional, physical or spiritual.



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