• Kids on Toxic Vaccines

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    We are living in a world where pretty much everything is kind off wrong, from the food that we eat, to the cloths that we wear, the idea of being “wrong” has evolve and justify into what we call, freedom. By this I meant the toleration that we have on one another –understanding the rights of every individual. We have so much room for new things and allowed them to operate in such liberty but sometime we overlook the results of such actions and harvest the consequences of our doing.

    How do you think the Government handle the toxic elements that found in our food and medicine? Do we still have FDA on our side to protect us from being poisoned on the food that we purchase in the market? These are questions that the writer wants to ask, all products that are released in the market need to secure the approval from FDA a government agency which job is to secure the public from hostile food and medicine. But sad to say that not all FDA approved goods are actually safe or healthy, there are those products in the market you think it shouldn’t be there in the first place, but the government remains quiet about GMO or any processed product that affect the lives of the consumer.

    Since the government is so passive about this matter, many independent researchers are not far behind finding out the truth about GMO products, Medicines that have toxic components and processed food. When these researchers found out the irregularities of these products, they create an awareness campaign and joined with other concern citizens and let the whole community know what problems that they are facing, we the whole community speaks out, this is the time the government pays attention and deal with the issue.

    Meanwhile, vaccines for kids are creating a buzz these days about a medicine (vaccine) that has a toxic component in it.

    What other chemicals should kids and parents be concerned about?

    Now here’s something this writer thinks every one of those 200,000 anti-BVO signatories ought to really be concerned about: toxic chemicals in vaccines! I wonder if teen activist Sarah Kavanaugh can become as concerned about chemicals and metals in vaccines like formaldehyde, ethylmercury (Thimerosal), polysorbate 80, aluminum in four formulations, sodium borate—plus others, as she was about BVO?

    Comparatively, vaccines have so many chemicals in each vaccine that if savvy kids like Sarah knew what really is in vaccines, they would be refusing them AND placing online petitions to have them removed. So would their soon-to-be concerned parents.

    Chemical Pollution

    Chemical pollution now is being touted as the probable cause of autism. This writer has no problem with that theory, which probably is true, especially since all the vaccines infants get at birth, 2, 4, and 6-month well-baby checkups contain numerous chemicals, which are …

    Since we cannot entirely rely on the government’s protection program on food and medicines, we should know how to do it ourselves. We should support the call for a transparent investigation on medicine that are involve in contaminant issues and have someone jailed for this matter.

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