• Vaccine Junkies Would Admit: 20 Things

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    With the measles outbreak it’s not surprising that a discussion has begun in some states about lax policies that permit religious and/or philosophical exemptions. A state with one of the laxest policies on non-medical exemptions would even consider such a law, even though it probably has a snowball’s chance in hell of passing, is truly amazing.
      1. Not all of the diseases we vaccinate children for are serious or appropriate. Many of them are a matter of inconvenience and some are for manufactured epidemics: Hep B, HPV, chickenpox, flu. This isn’t to minimize the rare adult or child death from chickenpox but that number is 1/40th of the deaths from vaccine-induced SIDS.
      2. Immunity from vaccines doesn’t last forever.Most adults would be considered “unvaccinated” today for everything but the viral diseases they naturally acquired. Even if you buy into the theory of herd immunity, most of our herd is not immune.
      1. True herd immunity is based on animals that naturally acquired viral disease. Oftentimes immunity comes from eating the herd members that died from the disease or putting their diarrhea into feed. Farmers know that herd immunity isn’t based on vaccination.
      2. You are not really vaccinating your newborn child for the benefit of your neighbors. You are vaccinating out of fear of your child dying of a disease, which makes you just as much of a “selfish a-hole” as the “anti-vaxer” who is looking out for their own child.
      3. It isn’t even possible to attain immunity to bacteria.They evolve too fast to keep up with, which is why the FDA and the CDC blame vaccine failure, not the unvaccinated, for pertussis outbreaks.
      4. Unvaccinated children are not carrying bacteria and viruses that vaccinated children don’t carry. They all carry the same germs and they all can get susceptible people sick.
      5. Coming into contact with a “germ” doesn’t guarantee you will get sick. We are bombarded with bacteria and viruses all day long. People who get sick are those who have malfunctioning or immature immune systems, such as people who eat fake food, genetically modified food, have wrecked gut bacteria, take antibiotics or steroids, suffer from extreme stress, and children under the age of 3 who have immature immune systems. Children are supposed to get sick a few times a year; it’s how they strengthen their immune systems for adulthood.
      6. The vast majority of children with the new “normal” autoimmune diseases are vaccinated: asthma, allergies, and eczema. The vast majority of completely unvaccinated children do not have these chronic illnesses.
      7. The long-term safety of the current vaccination schedule has never been tested. I don’t have a link for this one because it’s impossible to prove a negative, but Congressman Posey has been trying to get one done for years.
    • Vaccines are not tested for safety against a true inert placebo.
    • The real danger to immunocomprised children on chemotherapy is the shedding of live vaccines, not unvaccinated children.
    • Vaccine injury isn’t really all that rare and it certainly isn’t a nice convenient “one in a million.
    • Not all autistic children are quirky and super advanced in a favorite subject area.
    • It is a fallacy to say that you’d rather have an autistic child than a dead one.
    • Most “anti-vaxers” already vaccinated at least one child.
    • Less than 1% of the population of today’s children are completely unvaccinated.
    • Most childhood vaccine exemptions are for the infant doses of Hepatitis B.
    • The medical establishment is responsible for killing over 400,000 people per year.
    • The Vaccine Injury Compensation Program was created to protect public health policy and the national vaccine program.
    • Pharmaceutical medicine is a business, from cradle to grave.

    No one is forcing anyone to get vaccinated, least of all adults. The state is simply saying that if you want your child to be able to use certain public services, your child has to be vaccinated. As for the “slippery slope” argument, laws are already in place against medical neglect of children (and, make no mistake, not providing appropriate medication and medical treatment for a condition requiring them is medical neglect). The issue is that such laws are all too frequently not enforced properly.

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