• Katie Couric Apologizes for Telling the Truth About Vaccine Side Effects

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    It's a sad truth that mainstream media is constantly pressured to show – and not show – various topics related to health and medicine. In some cases, it's as subtle as the sources reporters choose to interview, but sometimes health industry pressure can lead to media ignoring or downplaying stories that could harm corporate interests, even at the expense of important news for the public. In the case of Katie Couric we saw a rare example of obvious manipulation and pressuring by the vaccine industry after she presented a segment covering the dangers some vaccines can pose.

    Investigative journalist and television personality Katie Couric is being crucified by many of her colleagues in the mainstream media for daring to allow the truth about the notorious human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine Gardasil to be discussed on national television. Following the recent airing of a segment on her show Katie, entitled “The HPV Vaccine Controversy,” the persecution became so intense that Couric caved and issued a public apology for basically just doing her job by presenting both sides of the story.

    During the segment, which aired on December 4, Couric interviewed two mothers whose daughters were injured or killed following vaccination with Gardasil. One of the mothers, Emily Tarsell, talked about how her daughter Christina died in bed not long after getting vaccinated with Gardasil, which a follow-up investigation revealed to be an adverse reaction to the shot. The other mother, Rosemary Mathis, director of the HPV-truth organization SaneVax, Inc., told how …

    What can we do in cases like this to make sure we stay informed? Tell news outlets how you feel about their work to help encourage honest reporting unbiased by corporate influence and advocate transparency. Seek alternate news sources for the information you need and be prepared to question and critically examine the information you see.



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