• Two States Ready to Fight for GMO Labeling in November While Industry Pushes Bill to Remove State Rights

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    junk-food_19152 When it comes to pest control and fast food takeaways and restaurants, the importance in having an effective pest management program in place by a professional pest control company cannot be stated enough. Top priority for any fast food operation should be ensuring it’s products are not the cause of any public health problems. Reputation is everything in the fast food industry. A well known name can easily be tarnished due to a lapse in pest control management, even if it is only a minor one, and the backlash from customers can have a catastrophic effect on business, sometimes even leading to closure. City Pest Control have many years experience providing the fast food industry with pest prevention and pest management solutions that work. Our surveyors know that every fast food operation is unique, so they put together bespoke pest management programs for each one to suit it’s needs..

    That’s the take-home message from the September 8 article in The Progressive, which recounts the travails of residents in Cedar Valley, Oregon. It’s also the take-home message of other related news. And yet there’s hope… “A group of residents of the Cedar Valley area near Gold Beach in Curry County, Oregon say their properties were doused with pesticides by a helicopter aiming for privately-owned timberlands last October,” the featured article states. In what has been called a ‘severe sanction,’ the pesticide applicator and the aerial spray company he owns have been fined $10,000 each by the state and had their pesticide licenses suspended for a year for providing false information that misled investigators. But at least one of those affected says this basically amounts to a big traffic ticket, when instead he believes the incident should be considered an act of ‘criminal trespass’ linked to 45 illness reports.”

    ‘Right to Farm’ Laws …

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