• Government Can Force A 17-Year-Old To Take Chemotherapy: Supreme Court Just Ruled

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    The Connecticut Supreme Court has ruled that , the government has the power to force a minor to undergo chemotherapy treatments even if she doesn’t want to.

    The court has unanimously determined that a 17-year-old patient cannot refuse chemotherapy treatment, even if her mother agrees they want to seek alternative treatment, for her Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Connecticut, however, argued that the so-called “experts” have agreed that without chemo Cassandra could die, and because it is the state’s duty to save her from harm, the treatments must be made compulsory. According to a DCF statement, “When experts — such as the several physicians involved in this case — tell us with certainty that a child will die as a result of leaving a decision up to a parent, then the Department has a responsibility to take action.”

    Let’s just try to overlook the fact (even though it’s huge and deserving of its own article) that we even live in a society where the number children getting cancer these days is skyrocketing.

    This particular story centers around 17-year-old Cassandra Callender who, after being diagnosed with cancer in September and taking two treatments, ran away from home for a week in November because she did not want to take anymore. Cassandra has said that she feels chemotherapy is a poison and, that the girl, “believes chemotherapy would cause significant long-term bodily harm, like organ damage and infertility,” reported Vox. When she returned home, Cassandra refused to take anymore chemo and her mother stood by her daughter’s decision.

    When the mother stood by her daughter’s decision and they refused to take any further treatment, the hospital reported Cassandra’s mom Jackie to the Connecticut Department of Children and Families (DCF) who took Cassandra …

    It’s not the first time parents tried to keep state authorities from forcing a daughter into chemotherapy. Andy and Ana Hershberger, an Amish couple from Ohio, took their daughter, Sarah, all the way to Mexico to avoid a court order forcing the girl into chemotherapy last year,” as Off The Grid News reported.

    The Hershbergers fled the country after Ohio’s district court of appeals upheld Akron Children’s Hospital’s request to have the daughter taken from her parents and forced into chemotherapy.
    Any ruling in favor of DCF could only be temporary because Cassandra will turn 18 in eight months. At that point, Cassandra could simply get up and walk out of the hospital, and there would be nothing DCF could do.

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